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Thom Tuck

"A tour-de-force performance."

Phill Jupitus

"Steals every scene he's in."

Jo Caulfield

"Excels at her understated portrayal"
Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

Simon Evans

"A deliciously smooth PM"

Phil Mulryne

"A particular pleasure"
The Independent

Alistair Barrie

"A star turn"
Public Reviews

Jessica Regan

"Sterling performance"
Public Reviews

John Dorney

"Puts in an hilarious turn"


"Terrific performances and cracking dialogue gets my vote."

The Times

"Here's 90 minutes of real class: don't miss it."

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The List

"Coalition packs punches - not light bruising buffs but full-power, haemmorrage-inducing wallops. Hilarious, witty and energetic."

Broadway Baby

"Sidesplittingly funny... political satire at its best."

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Fest Magazine

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Edinburgh Festivals Magazine

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The Public Reviews

"Packed with cracking one-liners and satirical wit... the funniest farce on politics in recent Edinburgh history."

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Sunday Express

"An absolute gem of the fringe."

A Younger Theatre

"A gem of political satire... a corker of a play."

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Matt Cooper speaks to the nation...

It's late 2014 and Britain's coalition government has only six months left to run. The Conservative Prime Minister and his Liberal Democrat Deputy haven't spoken for months, the economy has flat-lined and his MPs are threatening to defect right, left and centre. Having sold off his party HQ and with his time running out, Lib Dem leader Matt Cooper has to make a series of last desperate gambles to save the party he loves...

COALITION is a new play written by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky. It is a fast-moving and funny satire on the state of the current coalition government, from the point-of-view of the deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat Leader.

COALITION is looking for post-Edinburgh producers! To contact the authors for more information or to obtain the rights, email Tom Salinsky or call The Spontaneity Shop on 020 7788 4080.