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COALITION is a new satirical play written by Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky. It is a fast-moving and funny satire on the state of the current coalition government, from the point-of-view of the deputy prime minister and Liberal Democrat Leader.

Our fictional deputy prime minister is called Matt Cooper and as we join the action, he is keenly aware that the next election is coming and determined to shore up his support in the party, while feeling increasingly distant from the Prime Minister, Richard Macintosh. The actions that he takes turn out to have dire personal and political consequences.

The piece was written over six months from May 2011 and was given its first rehearsed reading on 30 November, at which it was very well received. Following this, the authors performed some minor rewrites and are now presenting an Edinburgh production.

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COALITION is looking for post-Edinburgh producers! To contact the authors for more information or to obtain the rights, email Tom Salinsky or call The Spontaneity Shop on 020 7788 4080.